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I have been hunting for a plugin to view my WP Statistics and to track my visitors’ search terms in order to arrive in my blog and there I found StatPress Reloaded!

StatPress Reloaded Screenshot
StatPress Reloaded Screenshot

This plugin (previously known as StatPress) shows you real time statistics about your blog. It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS etc.

Once the plugin StatPress has been activated it immediately starts to collect information. Using StatPress you can see your visitors actions while they are surfing your blog or check which are the preferred pages, posts and categories. In the Dashboard menu you will find the StatPress page where you could look up the statistics (overview or detailed). StatPress also includes a widget you can add to a sidebar (or easy PHP code if you can’t use widgets!).


StatPress speaks English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, Brazilian, Turkish, Swedish!

StatPress Widget / StatPress_Print function

The widget is customizable. These are the available variables:

  • %thistotalvisits% – this page, total visits
  • %since% – Date of the first hit
  • %visits% – Today visits
  • %totalvisits% – Total visits
  • %os% – Operative system
  • %browser% – Browser
  • %ip% – IP address
  • %visitorsonline% – Counts all online visitors
  • %usersonline% – Counts logged online visitors
  • %toppost% – The most viewed Post
  • %topbrowser% – The most used Browser
  • %topos% – The most used O.S.
  • %thistotalpages%
  • %pagestoday%
  • %latesthits%

Now you could add these values everywhere! StatPress offers a new PHP function StatPress_Print(). * i.e. StatPress_Print(“%totalvisits% total visits.”);

To download this plugin, please visit: StatPress Reloaded

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  1. Thanks for the great plugin. As a stat student , its good to have such powerful tool which gives me for what I am looking for. A great review !

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