Planet Pulse Payment Proof

Planet Pulse Payment Proof - Cashout
Planet Pulse Payment Proof - Cashout
Planet Pulse Payment Proof - Paypal
Planet Pulse Payment Proof - Paypal

I thought Planet Pulse might be a scam site at first since they never process my payment after so long. However I received their payment after 4 months wait. I currently have another cashout request pending since February 2011 and I hope to receive it soon!

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  1. mike

    looks like planetpulse doest pay!
    My cashout us28 has been pending for 4 months. It took me a long time to accumulate to this amount.

    No replies from admin from my numerous emails and contact.

    Dont waste your time! PlanetPulse sucks big time!

  2. June

    I really don’t know what to comment on planet pulse. I actually received my payment of 35 bucks just a few hours ago.

    It took them 1.5 years to process the payment. OMG!!

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