Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

1.   All in One Adsense and YPN


  • Automatically insert Google Adsense or YPN ads in to your blog posts.
  • No manual work required, ad code is dynamically inserted into your existing and new posts.
  • You could optionally specify not to show ads in a post by using tag
  • You could optionally specify where to start the ads in a post by using tag
  • Decrease ad blindness by giving you the option to randomly place your ad within your posts.
  • You could optionally define absolute ad position instead of random position.
  • You could optionally define random ad network to maximize earnings from both networks.
  • Allow you to pick how many total ads to show on one page.
  • Allow you to pick how many ads to show in one post.

2.   Random / Rotating Ads


  • Allows you to simply and easily show random / rotating ads anywhere in your template files or using widgets
  • You can show ANY type of ad: Google Adsense, affiliate ads, banners, images, flash, text, etc.

3.   Smart Ads


  • Automatically inserts advertisements like Google’s Adsense above and below your post content
  • These advertisements are only visible when viewing a single post
  • Smart Ads will only insert advertisements into posts that meet or exceed the desired Wordcount
  • To ensure that new content remains fresh, users can choose to only place ads on posts that are over a certain amount of days old
  • Advertisements can be manually disabled on a post-by-post basis while writing a post, by category, or for registered blog members
  • Users can also insert custom ads into their posts or pages by inserting <!-smartads-> into their post text

So far, these are the plugins that I think deserve my recommendation.

I don’t simply recommend but I will constantly update this list.

Let me know if there are more plugins that you think is worthy to be mentioned 🙂

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