How to Create Pages in Blogspot

  1. Go to Dashboard and click on ‘New Post’.
  2. Click on ‘Edit Pages’.
  3. When prompted, click ‘Yes’.
  4. Click on ‘New Page’.
  5. Type in your Page Name and content. Click ‘Publish Page’.
  6. Click ‘Add the Page List Gadget’.
  7. Configure the order and click ‘Save’ when done.
  8. Pages gadget will appear in your blog.

Edit “Post A Comment” in Blogspot

Isn’t the phrase “Post A Comment” looks too common in Blogspot blogs? To replace the phrase to some other words of your own, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Layout and click on Edit HTML tab.
  3. Check on the Expand Widget Templates.
  4. Find (CTRL+F) these code in your template code:
  5. Replace the code with your own wording e.g. “Post a Cool Comment”